SMS / Text Marketing for E-Commerce

SMS and Text Marketing is one of the fastest-growing channels of revenue for many E-Commerce Merchants.

Whether you’re a large Enterprise Brand or just starting out. Whether you’re on Shopify or Demandware or Magento or custom in house platforms as your cart, there are solutions available for you to leverage the power of SMS and Text marketing to reach your customers.

Andy Shirey says it well in his recent article on Retail Dive :

Ninety-seven percent of United States smartphone users are texting at least once a day. On top of that, 75 percent of millennials – that elusive age group whose attention all retailers are vying for – choose to text over taking a call. These numbers are not just a mobile marketer’s hopes and dreams – they are statistical facts.

Andy Shirey, Retail Dive

And as this graph from Vision6 shows, when you compare results to other channels, the difference is staggering.

SMS vs Email vs Social Media reach

We hope this site can act as a guide in helping you to be successful with SMS Text Marketing in E-Commerce!

We will feature:

  • E-Commerce SMS Tools, Platforms and Solutions
  • Strategies and Tactics to be successful with sms in E-Commerce
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions around SMS Marketing and Ecommerce
  • Expert updates on news, legislation, case studies and more for SMS E-Commerce Marketing

Best of luck on your journey with SMS marketing!

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