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About SMS Bump by Yotpo:

SMS Bump has a variety of features to make sure you can effectively market to your Shopify customers with SMS / MMS. It has features to make sure you are TCPA Compliant and not going to get in trouble marketing (but still make sure to talk to your lawyer about how you use these tools) as well as a variety of methods for you to get Opt-Ins. You can also segment your customers based on different buying histories and you can utilize features like smart sending based on area code so you don’t send a text too early or too late.


SMS Bump by Yotpo Features:

SMS Segmentation – Can be combined with Shopify filters for more narrow targeting
Custom Flows – 
Run A/B Testing – Run different variants of a SMS message and measure performance
Text Automations  – Abandoned Cart Reminders and Customer Reactivation
SMS Automations  – On new order, based on the payment method, on shipped order and more
Link Shortener – Home-built link shortener for accurate conversion tracking
Campaign Scheduling 
Opt Out Lists – Tracks unsubscribed clients

SMS Bump by Yotpo Pricing:

SMS Bump has 4 different options for pricing. Pay as you go, SMS Bump, SMS Bump Plus and SMS Bump Enterprise. The more that you pay upfront the better discount you get, ranging from 5 to 10 percent.

SMSBump by Yotpo & Shopify:

SMS Bump by Yotpo currently integrates with Shopify and it seems to be one of the major focuses for integration. Many of the other apps and platforms SMS Bump integrates with are also Shopify focused, so it seems like Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants looking to do Text Marketing with SMS / MMS will get a focused approach from this platform.

SMS Bump by Yotpo Featured Integrations:

SMS Bump currently integrates with many other E-Commerce platforms for their SMS Marketing. Some integrations include:

  • ReCharge, Just Uno, Mail Chimp, Klaviyo, Slack, Zen Desk,, Gorgias, Push Owl, Shopify Flow, and Loyalty Lion

Where to find SMS Bump by Yotpo Reviews

SMS Bump has many reviews on Shopify. If you go to the Shopify App Store listing for SMS Bump, you’ll see the SMS Bump Reviews there.

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