Ocatane AI SMS Marketing for Shopify

About Octane AI

Octane AI is a platform for Facebook Messenger and SMS marketing. They offer a tailored approach with features geared at personalizing a shopper’s experience through the use of shoppable quizzes that makes personalized recommendations while collecting your opt-in data. They also offer the ability to automate responses to common customer questions through the use of chatbots. 

Octane Ai FAQ & Help Center 

Octane AI Marketing and SMS Features: 

Shoppable Quizzes – Helps create a personalized shopping experience for the user
Opt-ins –  Collect opt-ins through Shoppable Quizzes, Facebook Messenger marketing, and SMS. You can leverage their Klaviyo integration 
Automated campaigns through Facebook messenger and sms 
Segmenting – You can use Octane AI data in Klaviyo to segment email flows
Chatbots – Can be used to automate answers to common customer questions with integrations available with Gorgias and Re:amaze to create customer support tickets from Messenger.

Octane AI Pricing: 

Octane Ai offers 3 types of plans: Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. Facebook Messenger marketing comes standard out of the box for all plan types. However, SMS marketing is only available to Pro & Enterprise subscribers (US & Canada only). Pricing varies based on Messenger active people and the number of SMS messages sent. 

Starting at $9/mo (Basic), $209/mo (Pro), and enterprise level. 
SMS available for only Pro & Enterprise subscribers (US & Canada only) 
Pro subscription – $0.02 per SMS message (recommended if you estimate sending up to 100,000 SMS messages per month)
Enterprise subscription – $0.012 per SMS message (recommended if you estimate sending to more than 100,000 SMS messages per month)

Octane Ai & Shopify

Octane Ai is available as an app on Shopify/Shopify Plus and offers customization to how your bot can work with your store; such as sending a customer a link to their cart if they abandon before purchasing, or opt-in a customer to receive shipping and delivery updates.

Octane AI Integrations: 

Offers a variety of integrations. Some honorable mentions: Shopify, Yotpo, Klaviyo, ReCharge, Smile.io, Privy, Justuno, Gorgias, Dashbot and Yex

Reviews of Octane AI

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