About Klaviyo for SMS:

Klaviyo is a marketing platform that offers a variety of features and automation to market on multiple channels such as: email, SMS, in-app notifications, and web. They offer deep segmenting capabilities to help target customers based on event, their profile, metrics, location, and date all while being CCPA and GDPR compliant. 

Klaviyo SMS Help Center & FAQ

Klaviyo SMS Features:

Email/SMS Marketing 
Segmenting capabilities 
Marketing automation – build flows or rules for subscriber situations by using different conditions and actions 

Klaviyo SMS Pricing:

Klaviyo offers subscription plans based on your marketing strategy: Email, SMS, SMS/Email. For SMS marketing, Klaviyo uses a pay-as-you-go model with SMS cost being $.01/message and MMS cost $.03/message – price includes all carrier costs. 

Pricing varies based on number of email contacts and SMS messages sent – refer to their calculator
Types of Subscription (Example packages below for users with 5000 contacts and estimate sending 5000 messages):
Email –  $100

  • Up to 5000 contacts 
  • Unlimited email sends 
  • Email/chat support 
  • Full access to email features 

SMS – $50 platform fee 

  • Klaviyo SMS uses a pay-as-you-go model and the first 50 messages are free
    • SMS cost $.01/message and MMS cost $.03/message. 

SMS/Email – $150

  • Up to 5,000 contacts
  • Unlimited email sends
  • Up to 5,000 SMS sends
  • Email and Chat Support

Klaviyo SMS & Shopify

Klaviyo is available as an app on Shopify. Enabling Klaviyo’s Shopify integration allows merchants to sync their shop’s data over and leverage Klaviyo’s reporting and analytics. 

Klaviyo SMS Integrations:

Offers a variety of integrations. Some honorable mentions: Smile.io, Carthook, Justuno, and Convertflow 

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About Octane AI

Octane AI is a platform for Facebook Messenger and SMS marketing. They offer a tailored approach with features geared at personalizing a shopper’s experience through the use of shoppable quizzes that makes personalized recommendations while collecting your opt-in data. They also offer the ability to automate responses to common customer questions through the use of chatbots. 

Octane Ai FAQ & Help Center 

Octane AI Marketing and SMS Features: 

Shoppable Quizzes – Helps create a personalized shopping experience for the user
Opt-ins –  Collect opt-ins through Shoppable Quizzes, Facebook Messenger marketing, and SMS. You can leverage their Klaviyo integration 
Automated campaigns through Facebook messenger and sms 
Segmenting – You can use Octane AI data in Klaviyo to segment email flows
Chatbots – Can be used to automate answers to common customer questions with integrations available with Gorgias and Re:amaze to create customer support tickets from Messenger.

Octane AI Pricing: 

Octane Ai offers 3 types of plans: Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. Facebook Messenger marketing comes standard out of the box for all plan types. However, SMS marketing is only available to Pro & Enterprise subscribers (US & Canada only). Pricing varies based on Messenger active people and the number of SMS messages sent. 

Starting at $9/mo (Basic), $209/mo (Pro), and enterprise level. 
SMS available for only Pro & Enterprise subscribers (US & Canada only) 
Pro subscription – $0.02 per SMS message (recommended if you estimate sending up to 100,000 SMS messages per month)
Enterprise subscription – $0.012 per SMS message (recommended if you estimate sending to more than 100,000 SMS messages per month)

Octane Ai & Shopify

Octane Ai is available as an app on Shopify/Shopify Plus and offers customization to how your bot can work with your store; such as sending a customer a link to their cart if they abandon before purchasing, or opt-in a customer to receive shipping and delivery updates.

Octane AI Integrations: 

Offers a variety of integrations. Some honorable mentions: Shopify, Yotpo, Klaviyo, ReCharge, Smile.io, Privy, Justuno, Gorgias, Dashbot and Yex

Reviews of Octane AI

See them on Shopify 

SMS Bump

About SMS Bump by Yotpo:

SMS Bump has a variety of features to make sure you can effectively market to your Shopify customers with SMS / MMS. It has features to make sure you are TCPA Compliant and not going to get in trouble marketing (but still make sure to talk to your lawyer about how you use these tools) as well as a variety of methods for you to get Opt-Ins. You can also segment your customers based on different buying histories and you can utilize features like smart sending based on area code so you don’t send a text too early or too late.


SMS Bump by Yotpo Features:

SMS Segmentation – Can be combined with Shopify filters for more narrow targeting
Custom Flows – 
Run A/B Testing – Run different variants of a SMS message and measure performance
Text Automations  – Abandoned Cart Reminders and Customer Reactivation
SMS Automations  – On new order, based on the payment method, on shipped order and more
Link Shortener – Home-built link shortener for accurate conversion tracking
Campaign Scheduling 
Opt Out Lists – Tracks unsubscribed clients

SMS Bump by Yotpo Pricing:

SMS Bump has 4 different options for pricing. Pay as you go, SMS Bump, SMS Bump Plus and SMS Bump Enterprise. The more that you pay upfront the better discount you get, ranging from 5 to 10 percent.

SMSBump by Yotpo & Shopify:

SMS Bump by Yotpo currently integrates with Shopify and it seems to be one of the major focuses for integration. Many of the other apps and platforms SMS Bump integrates with are also Shopify focused, so it seems like Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants looking to do Text Marketing with SMS / MMS will get a focused approach from this platform.

SMS Bump by Yotpo Featured Integrations:

SMS Bump currently integrates with many other E-Commerce platforms for their SMS Marketing. Some integrations include:

  • ReCharge, Just Uno, Mail Chimp, Klaviyo, Slack, Zen Desk, Smile.io, Gorgias, Push Owl, Shopify Flow, and Loyalty Lion

Where to find SMS Bump by Yotpo Reviews

SMS Bump has many reviews on Shopify. If you go to the Shopify App Store listing for SMS Bump, you’ll see the SMS Bump Reviews there.


About Sendlane SMS

Sendlane offers both email and sms marketing capabilities where you can leverage a variety of automations in conjunction with their popup forms. These features can be used to target or exclude segments of your choice. While they’re not currently available on Shopify, they do offer an integration to Shopify. 

Platform Type: Email/SMS
Sendlane FAQ – Scroll down past the pricing section

Sendlane SMS Features: 

Email Marketing 
SMS Marketing  – Automated workflows and pop-up builder 
Marketing Automation – send event-based automations through segment lists based on real-time actions
Experiments – Multivariate Testing for campaign optimization (subject, preheader, and content) that determine reach 
Sendlane Beacon – Follows your contacts on where they are on their shopping journey while collecting data on their behaviors so you can target/retarget them 
Analytics – Conversion performance/open rates 
Popups – 4

Sendlame SMS Pricing: 

Pricing is based on the number of contacts and tied to the subscription packages. 
Refer to their calculator  (Monthly or Annual billing) Calculator pricing based on number of contacts and tied to their set subscription packages: Example below for users with 5000 contacts:

  • Growth – $99/month (grow up to 5000 contacts) 
  • Pro – $150/month (starting at up to 5000 contacts) 
  • Starter – $497 one time payment (6 month access to Growth plan and unlimited access to Ecommerce academy )

Adding SMS to your plan is an additional $10 a month with credits being purchased separately. 

Sendlane SMS & Shopify

Sendlane currently offers an integration with Shopify allowing deeper insights to your customer’s behavior and purchase history through your Shopify store. Merchants can leverage those insights to develop targeted email campaigns and create personalized automation funnels.

Sendlane SMS Integrations:

Offers a variety of integrations. Some honorable mentions: Privy, Stripe, Oneclickupsell, Convertful.

  • No integration with Klaviyo 

Where to find Sendlane reviews?
Capterra Link 


About Omnisend SMS: 

Ominsend offers a swissarmy knife approach with their omnichannel capabilities (6 channels: email, sms, push notifications, messenger, Google ads, and Facebook ads) from their platform. This allows merchants to market on a larger spectrum using their features to help build, segment, and automate their marketing process under one platform.

Omnisend FAQ 
Automated flow 
Campaigns – email/sms campaigns for omnichannels 
Forms – List builder
Content Editor 

Omnisend Pricing: 

Omnisend offers 4 types of subscription packages: Free, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. For those that are looking to do SMS marketing, only the Standard, Pro, and Enterprise plans include SMS marketing capabilities. SMS credits subscription are an additional service on top of your current Standard, Pro, or Enterprise plan. Currently, only standard SMS messages are supported. MMS messages are not supported.

Calculator pricing based on number of contacts and tied to their set subscription packages: Example below for users with 5000 contacts:
Free – Email campaigns, signup forms, boxes & pop ups, reports
Standard – $60 (60,000 emails/month) 
Pro – $120/month (75,000 emails/month & $120 in sms credits/month)
Enterprise – Custom Pricing (unlimited emails/month & free sms credits)

  • SMS credits are an additional subscription 

Omnisend SMS Pricing 

SMS credit subscriptions start at $20/month. Price per SMS varies by recipient country (refer to their drop down for pricing variation based on countries) 

Omnisend & Shopify
Omnisend is available as an app on Shopify/Shopify Plus (includes Shopify Flow). Shops that are looking to connect their store with potential and existing customers across multiple channels would benefit at large here. 

Omnisend SMS Integrations: 

Offers a variety of integrations. Some honorable mentions: Justuno, Gorgias, Carthook, Smile.io

Where to find Omnisend reviews? 



About Attentive SMS:

Attentive offers a variety of features that will help you grow your email and text messaging subscriber list while being ADA, TCPA, and CCPA compliant. You can also create automated messages based on actions your customers have  completed and segment your subscribers based on their browsing and purchasing history. 

Attentive SMS FAQ 

Attentive SMS Features: 

Hands-on onboarding 
Opt-in collection for both email and text messaging
Automated triggered messages – send messages to subscribers based on certain actions they’ve completed  (e.g., browsing a section of your site, abandoned cart, or completing a purchase) 

Attentive SMS Pricing:


Attentive SMS & Shopify

Attentive currently offers an integration with Shopify and Shopify Plus allowing deeper insights to identifying granular audience segments based on actions, inactions, and user properties.

Attentive SMS Integrations:

 Offers a variety of integrations. Some honorable mentions: Shopify, Gorgias, Carthook, and Oracle Bronto 


About Postscript SMS: 

Postscript offers a variety of automation, tools, and features that will help build a TCPA compliant subscriber list. You can segment data from your shopify store to better market to your customers through sms/mms. With their “safe send” feature, you won’t need to worry about bombarding your customers who have already received a text from you. 
Postscript’s comparison
Postscript FAQ 

Postscript SMS Features: 

Build your SMS subscriber list > Pop-up Builder 
Automations – Send text messages based on customer actions & Shopify data. Follow up on new purchases, abandoned cart recovery, shipping notifications, welcome series, and loyalty offers to help generate revenue quickly.
Segments – Uses Shopify data  
SMS campaigns 
Analytics & Attribution

Postscript SMS Pricing: 

Postscript offers monthly billing that includes all platform associated costs and carrier fees. Inbound messages are free and your sends are sent via a unique short code. Using their calculator, the more that you pay upfront the better discount you get. Charges are based on a credits system that rollover to the next month if you don’t use them all up.

  • Calculator pricing based on months but discounts are offered by: 
    • Commitment lengths (optional/ additional discounts for 6 and 12-month commitments) – would need to contact their sales team for me details.
    • Volume discounts (price-per-send decreases as monthly send volume grows)
      • 2,500 messages = $25/month
      • 10,000 messages = $100/month 
      • 50,000 messages = $500/month

Charges are based on a credits system
SMS (plain text messages less than 160 characters) cost 1 credit
MMS (image/gif/emojis or 160+ characters) cost 3 credits

Postscript SMS & Shopify

Postscript recognizes SMS marketing as a strategy used by many merchants. As such, they are available on Shopify & Shopify Plus as an app to make it simple to segment your customers based on their history with your Shopify store.

Postscript SMS Integrations: 

Offers a variety of integrations. Some honorable mentions: Klaviyo, Privy, Sumo, Gorgias, Zapier, OneClickUpsell. 

Where to find Postscript SMS reviews?’

Handful of reviews on Shopify